Games we work through during sessions.

If it is your first session at GlitchVR the list of games is the list we will work through during your session. These games are chosen to give you the best experiance at Glitch. The games will give you a little of taste of everything! 

Once we have worked through the sets games we will then let you try out games you have seen below. 

The Lab

The Lab is the first game all players will start

their session off with. 

You will be taught in the tutorial how to move around in virtual reality for future games and teaches you how to use all of the buttons on your VR system. 

Once the tutorial is complete you will then complete Xortex (A game where the player takes control of a hand held space ship and destorys anything that comes into their path of destruction!

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is the next game on our list! Play the viral mobile game in the virtual reality world! Take your two katana's and slice and dice in arcade and classic mode! 

A game giving a high score which starts up the competition with birthday parties and events!

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is basically the VR version of space invaders! 

Waves of flying robots attack you and you need to defend yourself with your lazergun and trusty shield! Feeling brave? Feel free to switch up your guns whilst under attack with bombs and even switch your sheild to a lasso! 

Once you have complete these games you're glitch assistant will recommend games they think you will enjoy! But if there is any games below you have seen before and want to play during the session. Just let the Glitch assistant know and they will load it up for you! 
Beat saber.jpg